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Connect Big
For $200k to $500k revenue businesses

Connect with local small businesses

Lock-out the competition

Develop lifelong relationships and learn from like-minded business professionals

Commercialise your business connections

Build a network of affiliates

District32 Connect BIG is one of Perth’s most powerful business growth platforms for everyday business owners looking to reach the next level.


Fortnightly meetings in your local circle where you get to enjoy breakfast or lunch and learn from each other’s business success stories in a structured meeting

Fortnightly Business education spot focusing on marketing, sales, leadership and finance

Four additional connect networking events each month where you can meet over 350 business owners and learn from business experts

Unlimited business resources and tools that will help you develop your business further

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Connect Go
For $500k to $2m revenue businesses

Are you hungry for growth? Are you looking for fresh and exciting new ways to GROW your business and identify ways to manage it easily?

Have you been searching for mastermind think tank groups and business experts who will open doors for you and help you to grow your business into the future?

District32 Connect GO is Perth’s most prominent business growth platform for ambitious leaders looking to make it to the $2m + revenue bracket.


4-hour business maximiser event including lunch, and 3 other connect events where you can connect with over 350 local businesses.

Make life-long business connections

Meet leading Perth business owners and entrepreneurs at the same level as you in business.

Develop a growth mindset for your business.

Learn about cashflow, leadership and marketing.

Leave with business growth strategies

Listen to business expert keynote speakers

Network and promote your business to Perth business leaders

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Connect Premium
For $2m+ revenue businesses

Are you an ambitious $2m+ business looking to connect with similar-sized businesses? Are you one of the 7% who makes it to this level in business?

District32 Connect Premium offers the only business networking and growth platform specifically for $2m+ business owners.


Premium lunch with leading business owners in Perth and 3 other connect events where you can connect with over 350 local businesses

Grow your network and influence in Perth’s business community

Elevate your thinking with business growth speakers

Mastermind discussion in your groups

Make life-long business connections

Meet leading Perth business owners and entrepreneurs at the same level as you in business

Listen to business expert keynote speakers

Network and promote your business to Perth business leaders

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The richest people in the world look for and build networks; everyone else looks for work.

- Robert Kiyosaki

Who are District32?

District32 is the largest network of Perth businesses.

We focus on helping local businesses navigate market challenges by providing our members with tools and resources to scale and sustain growth. Unlike any other business networking group in Perth, we focus on creating enviable business results through Exponential Results ($), Uncapped Opportunities (Growth), and Strategic Shortcuts (Speed).

With 85% of new business coming from word-of-mouth referrals, it’s not surprising that 90% of business success depends on how we manage business relationships. At District32, quality relationships and deep connections are at the core of how we help you succeed. We value real connections, and over the last six years, we have created a community of caring and passionate business leaders who understand the need to help one another to thrive in the business community.

With District32, you don’t have to do it alone! We provide you with a network of trusted experts and business resources to help you understand how to best manage your business, your team, and cashflow for optimal growth.

Why District32?

  • Over 350 ambitious business owners and growing daily
  • Connect with driven business leaders
  • Build a network of alliances, affiliates and commercially viable relationships
  • Learn from others who have walked the path before you
  • Showcase your growth results each month
  • Start growing your business from the day you join
  • Access training and people at YOUR level in business

District32 Directors

Lorraine Garvie

Lorraine is currently the CEO and Director of District32. With a career spanning over 20 years, Lorraine has worked in various corporate, management and business development roles, including; CEO, I.T. Manager, Business Development / Business Relations Manager and Project Manager.

In the 5 years prior to District32, Lorraine owned and operated a successful business advisory firm specialising in strategic marketing and positioning.

Dean Keating

Dean is the Director of Sales in District32. Excelling in the corporate world of financial services, waste management and telecommunications, Dean was previously responsible for building successful sales teams and personally achieved $2 billion in sales.

He has utilised this experience to help businesses grow their turnover and his expertise in developing sales strategies has yielded outstanding results for clients.

District32 guarantees business development and personal growth for business owners in the following areas:

Business Strategy

Learn how to develop and implement the right strategies to build your business and help you scale up.

Business Story

Find your business purpose, develop your positioning strategy, and attract the right customers.

Business Structure

Implement the right processes and support system(s) to enable your business to scale and continue to grow.

Member Testimonials

Great network of business people all with same principles of generating great referrals and business opportunities


I love the energy and enthusiasm of D32; the members and the team who run it. It’s business done differently and it works.


I recommend joining this group to any small business owner looking to connect with other small business owners. Everyone is really friendly and I felt welcome from day one!


Everyone is so friendly and welcoming. It’s like belonging to a new family. Thank you D32 I will recommend you to everyone I know.


It really is a group of local business people collaborating and networking to help each other and support each other’s businesses.


I am yet to see any organisation come close to District32 for the business development support and resources they make available.


District32 offers a great opportunity for small businesses to promote themselves in the local community.


When values align and a strong synergy exists wonderful things happen and this is my experience with District32.


For any business that is looking to improve, grow and build their brand & reputation District 32 is a must.


Easily the best networking organisation I have seen or been involved with.


Excellent network and amazing business model! A must for anyone in business!


I attended District 32’s Marketing Strategy One Day Training event, and it was definitely an excellent investment of my time!


The team here are positive, focused and determined. Just how business should be.


Excellent sales training course recently completed for free! Just brilliant!


Awesome networking group full of helpful talented business owners


District32 has a vibe that is not felt in other networking groups, it’s positive and supportive and a pleasure to be part of.


Have been a member for the past five weeks. Already done radio interview and pod cast. I Have been to several breakfasts and all have been of great value to our business.


An awesome group of entrepreneurs passionate about what they are doing


Indoor Air Quality Solutions have been partnered with this team of super enthusiastic, small business focused, magicians for over a year now – some of the most useful small business advice I ever received was ‘surround yourself with people with motivate you and support your goals’ – District 32 are those people

Indoor Air Quality Solutions

I have been a member of District32 for 6 months and already my Business Network has expanded exponentially.


I just attended a great training day with District32 – it was filled with amazing content and presenters. Just one of the benefits of being with District32.